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Unique Cambodian Foods To Try

Cambodian cuisine is very unique and flavorful, and trying new foods is one of the most exciting parts of visiting this beautiful country. Cambodian food takes influences from other Asian cuisines, including Chinese and Thai food, but it also has its own flavors that are completely unique. Cambodian food also takes some influences from French cuisine, as it was once a French colony. Here are some delicious and unique Cambodian foods to try during your vacation to this beautiful place. 

Fish Amok

This dish is extremely popular and makes a great starting dish for anyone visiting Cambodia for the first time. It consists of fish cooked in a rich curry sauce and wrapped in a banana leaf. The curry adds plenty of bold flavor without overpowering the delicious freshness of the fish. While recipes can vary, it usually contains coconut milk, lemongrass, and turmeric. Amok can also be served with chicken, tofu, or vegetables for those who don’t enjoy fish. 


Chive Cakes

These delicious snacks make for a perfect side dish, and you’ll find them from plenty of Cambodian street vendors. Chives and garlic are mixed into a satisfying dough and then steamed for the perfect texture. You can spice these snacks up with a variety of different sauces. 


This noodle dish is often served for breakfast, and although it’s very different than a Western-style breakfast, you will find that its hearty meat flavors are just as satisfying. These noodles are made with a pork broth and then served with a wide variety of meat or fish toppings, depending on what region of the country you are in and what is available. Seasonings like chili and black pepper are used to give the dish an extra kick. 


Lok Lak

This is a very accessible Cambodian dish that provides a nice balance of meat and vegetables. The beef is sauteed and cut into cubes or strips, and then served on top of lettuce, tomatoes, and other vegetables, as well as a variety of different seasonings. The dish is also sometimes served with rice for an added bit of carbs. 


Num Pang Pate

These are sandwiches that are somewhat similar to a Vietnamese banh mi, but with a uniquely Cambodian twist. They require an adventurous palate, as they contain a processed ‘mystery meat’ – it’s usually just processed pork, but the texture can take some getting used to. The meat is served on a French baguette with lettuce and other veggies. Some Cambodian restaurants will use sausage or pulled pork instead of pate for sandwich that’s closer to a Western-style dish. 

Pumpkin Custard

This is a delicious dessert that’s often served at holidays, weddings, and other special occasions. It consists of a hollowed pumpkin that’s filled with a custard made from egg whites and coconut milk, which is then steam-baked. The result is a dish that’s satisfyingly sweet without being overly saccharine. 

Cambodian food is full of deliciously unique flavors that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. During your visit to Cambodia, make sure to try some of the incredible flavors that make Cambodian dishes so satisfying.


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