Who are Amber International Holdings?

Coming from a myriad of diverse backgrounds, the team at Amber International Holdings are connected by the shared threads of sustainability, a passion for responsible travel, a creative approach to first-class hospitality, and a steady record of pinpointing dream destinations with deep-set potential. At Amber International Holdings we are dedicated to the art of bringing authentic luxury to previously undiscovered locations in a fully ethical and intimate way. With the travel market ever blooming, Amber International Holdings are set to become pioneers of curating resorts for five-star rest and play.

What makes Amber International Holdings different?

Amber International Holdings combines the all-star elements of people, place and passive income with profitable methods for all. As a luxury resort developer, we handpick places in up and coming destinations. Places that not only ensnare the imagination but that also ensure flourishing results for capital gains and return on investment. We work within a structure of the three D’s – discover destinations, develop world class resorts, and distribute the wealth.

What are the risks of investing with Amber International Holdings?

Like all investments, Amber International Holdings are also exposed to market fluctuations and unexpected economic downturns. However, our research team work alongside our financial experts to mitigate these risks by carefully choosing strong, long-lasting locations, incorporating superior design elements, and providing a world-class hospitality service within the stability of the luxury industry.

Will I own the property and the land?

All investors will enjoy the benefits of ownership rights as a long-term leaseholder of the purchased villa.

What if I want to sell my property?

The leasehold may be sold to a third party though assignment. The settlement price is set out by the investor and the buyer, and once formalized – Amber will recognize the rights of the buyer as the new leaseholder. Once the sale has been finalized, the seller will lose their rights to the property and the benefits afforded by their investment.

Can I transfer ownership?

Yes, ownership of your investment can be transferred to whomever you wish. As above, Amber will recognize and honor the new owner as the leaseholder and the former investor will lose their rights to the property and the benefits that come alongside this.

How long before I see a return on my investment?

Our financial advisors have projected initial investment returns from year 1 of the resort operation in the form of income share and the value of the afforded free stay. This return is expected to stabilize by Year 3 and capital gain is expected upon exit which is estimated to happen by Year 7.

Does Amber take care of the legal process?

Amber International Holdings has a fully reputable legal team who will take care of all consummate sale and transfer rights, including appointments of operators to manage the resort.

Are there restrictions on foreigners investing in property?

At Amber International Holdings we work within the laws of the country the development is operating within. All legalities including any restrictions on foreign property investors will be covered in the contracts. We conduct legal due diligence prior to undertaking any project to ensure that it is feasible for investors to invest in our projects.

What fees do I pay?

The purchase price covers all fees for transfer and registration of the property. The resort operating revenue will cover all operating expenses and ongoing maintenance.

Is my revenue paid monthly?

All revenue will be paid on an annual basis.

Can I use the property whenever I want?

Investors are invited to enjoy a free eight day stay at Amber Kampot each year to be used as and when they see fit. We ask that dates be reserved in advance. For other resorts please check their respective websites for details.

Can my friends and family use the property whenever they want?

As investors are entitled to eight free days at Amber Kampot each year, they are invited to plan this stay however they like – whether traveling solo, with family and friends, or even gifting their time to someone else, there are no restrictions. For other resorts please check their respective websites for details.

What happens if my unit doesn’t get booked?

Regardless of the occupancy rate for a specific unit, the resort profit will be divided between investors in proportion to their investment.

Is there a guaranteed monthly payment?

We cannot guarantee monthly payments. Owners, developers, and operators all bear equal risk; however, every effort has been made to ensure positive ROI during the planning stages of the process. However, Amber select destinations that blend the unique elements of having growing tourist industries with little to no competition when it comes to luxury resorts. We fully expect that with the supply and demand gap in the market, Amber resorts will prove fully profitable. 

Do I pay the same amount of fees per month regardless of how much / little my villa is used?

The resort operating revenue will cover all operating expenses and maintenance. After the initial investment, no monthly fees will be collected from investors.

Can I invest in more than one villa?

Yes. Investors can opt to purchase as many units as they like in as many resorts as they like.

What taxes are applicable?

The purchase price shall cover all fees for transfer and registration of property. Profit distribution to investors are net of corporate income tax and all other taxes related to owning and operating the resort. Investors shall be responsible for repaying individual taxes in their respective jurisdiction as a result of receiving income and capital gain from their investment.

Do I get early-bird offers or discounts on future Amber Resorts?

Investors enjoy the unbridled benefits of being part of the Amber network and will have priority access to newsletters and announcements. Amber may provide special offers and discounts to existing investors.

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